All hemp everything — the benefits of 100% pure hemp cbd

We’re proud to be one of the only ‘all hemp’ CBD oils on the market. Discover why this gives our blends an edge in terms of performance, taste and, most importantly, sustainability.

In 2021 hemp production reached a massive total value of $824 million and the rapid rise in popularity of CBD products is largely behind this. With thousands of CBD oils on the market, the number of options people have is mind-boggling. 

But we’re proud to say Aire is still as unique today as it was when we first launched just over two years ago. What makes us unique is our commitment to only using high quality ingredients all derived from one magic plant. Hemp.

Each one of our premium oil blends use just three ingredients — these are:

  • Hemp-derived CBD
  • Hemp-derived terpenes
  • Refined hemp-seed oil
  • Thats it.

With each ingredient being specifically selected to provide significant benefits to our customers.

Other brands tend to mix various ingredients that are derived from different plants. The main reason they do this is to reduce costs but a side impact is that the products end up being much lower quality (regular CBD users will no doubt have experienced some of the other dark, dank, bitter oils currently on the market).

These oils don’t provide the same customer experience or health benefits as our pure hemp oil product. Afterall, purity is always best isn’t it?

The main difference is the carrier oils that can be used.


Why Is The Carrier Oil Important?

CBD oil always includes carrier oil. This carries the contents of the active compounds. In terms of products for use on the skin, it can be used to dilute essential oils because they might be too strong for the skin. Carrier oils also help the body absorb the cannabinoids molecules, ensuring that they provide the right impact. As well as providing absorption benefits, carrier oil also makes taking the right doses easier. Using a carrier oil means it’s easier to measure the right amount.

Let’s look at some of the common carrier oils that are used to reduce costs.

 Aire CBD Hempseed Oil



Derived from coconuts, MCT oil is light and virtually flavourless. It’s also cheaper to produce compared to other carrier oils. However, it can cause issues with digestion including diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. It may also interact with certain medications that you might be taking including products used to control levels of cholesterol. MCT oil can even cause issues for people who are diabetic. As such, it’s important to think about different factors of your health before using this product.


Olive Oil

Olive oil provides a faster absorption rate than MCT and is even high in certain vitamins including K and E. However, since it has a strong flavour it can ruin the experience of using the oil. It also isn’t able to hold as much CBD as other carrier oils which mean that the impact can be largely diminished.


Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is commonly used for topical reasons. It’s also got a nutty flavour which is certainly more pleasant than olive oil. However, there is a stronger risk of allergy issues compared with other carrier oils. It’s also significantly thicker than others choices which can mean it’s unpleasant to take.


Palm Oil

Palm oil is derived from the fruit of the palm tree. Due to this, it is not a particularly sustainable choice and we’ll discuss this further down. A key benefit of palm oil is that it is flavourless, making it a suitable option as a carrier oil. However, it is also saturated fat. This means that using it could significantly increase cholesterol levels.


A Greener Choice

Another issue with the carrier oils such as MCT oil and palm oil is the environmental impact caused by harvesting them. One study has suggested that MCT oil derived from coconuts impacts biodiversity five times more than palm oil. Coconut oil often receives a positive reputation and is widely favoured by the general public. Part of the reason for this is that people associate coconut oil with health benefits. However, they miss the impact it has on the environment. According to the aforementioned study, coconut oil production threatens 20.3 species for every million tons of oil that is produced.

Other oils aren’t a green choice either. Olive oil threatens 4.1 species while palm oil threats 3.8.

Even the argued reduced estimate of 18.3 for coconut oil is still a massive number, highlighting the danger present in harvesting these substances. According to the experts behind the report, some species have gone extinct due to their habitat being taken over by coconut production. Some of the islands are threatened by coconut plantations including the Balabac mouse deer and the sanguine tarsier. Olive oil is also threatening certain species including songbirds in Spain.

Other reports argue that palm oil has a greater environmental impact compared to coconut oil. Some claim that palm oil threatens 17 species per million hectares of cultivated crop.

People often threaten to boycott palm oil due to the levels of deforestation it contributes to. To keep up with the demand for palm oil, acres of rainforest are being cut down each day. Experts claim those people who want to boycott palm oil should also turn their attention to other oils like MCT that carry a far sunnier reputation.

In contrast, the refined hemp seed oil is more ethical and more environmentally sustainable. Indeed, hemp seed oil has the potential to provide support for the environment instead of destroying it. Hemp seed farms are often certified organic and provide numerous environmental benefits.

For instance, hemp sequesters carbon. This means that carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and stored in the soil. Hemp has deep root systems that can feed carbon further into the soil for long term management.

Hemp can also be used to increase soil organic matter through minimal till management. The roots from hemp can protect against soil erosion and hemp is also suited for crop rotation. Hemp also helps ensure that farm rotations are more diverse, providing soil nutrients while disrupting levels of pest development.

 Aire CBD Grow


The Biggest Benefits Of Hemp-seed Oil

Aside from the environmental benefits, hemp seed oil also offers health advantages to consumers. Due to the way that the oil is extracted, the oil retains its high omega-3 fatty acid. In contrast, MCT oil has no omega 3s. Omega 3s are a vital fatty acid. They can be used to fight disease and have inflammatory properties. Inflammation has been linked to serious health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. MCT oil includes a different type of fat that may cause stoke inflammation.

Research also shows that the omega-3s present in hemp oil can help with skin conditions including:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Lichen Planus

A study in 2014 also provided evidence that hemp oil contributes to stronger skin that can be more resistant to issues with viral, fungal infections and bacterial concerns.

Another study revealed that hemp oil can help with the emotional and physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well as the menopause. The research suggested that a woman that took just 1 gram of fatty acids found in hemp experienced a significant decrease in associated symptoms.

Hemp oil also has antibacterial properties and may protect your body from dangerous bacteria including staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria can cause skin infections and infections of vital organs.

As well as including great fatty acids, hemp oil includes key minerals, vitamins and amino acids that your body requires too.

Hemp oil also has a high level of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against the process of oxidation in the body. This has been linked to various health conditions including cancer and even dementia.


Aire CBD Happy Face


A Great Taste

Since we use refined hemp seed, there is one more fantastic benefit of hemp seed oil. It tastes great!. Since the hemp is refined, it is lighter and has a more mellow taste. This can be paired beautifully with other hemp ingredients such as CBD as well as terpenes.


The Benefits of Hemp Terpenes

Our product also includes hemp-derived terpenes as a core ingredient. These terpenes enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD oil. Terpenes are the natural compound found in the bud or flower of the cannabis plant. Certain terpenes have anxiety-reducing and sedative-like properties.

The main terpenes found in CBD oil are:

 Terpenes provide a wide range of benefits. Terpenes are also believed to create the entourage effect. Essentially, it has been suggested that terpenes make the CBD more effective providing enhanced benefits including pain relief and reduced levels of anxiety. However, experts have suggested that more research is needed on the impact of the entourage effect.

We hope this helps you understand why we have chosen to produce 100% pure hemp oil products. Our view is that these products provide significant health benefits, improve well-being and are worth the extra cost of production.

Furthermore, we are proud to use ingredients that contributed to the improvement of the environment instead of its construction, as is the case with various alternate carrier oils.



All organic. All natural. All hemp.

We started Aire to stand out in the CBD market, to give people the best possible experience every time they use our products.  Our ‘All Hemp Everything’ ethos is a key part of this. It reflects our commitment to delivering a CBD range that performs better and tastes better than anything else on the market.  Give it and try and you’ll see what we mean.


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